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Renewable Energy Education Set

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Use endlessly renewable solar power to create hydrogen fuel from water and learn the workings of a renewable energy system from start to finish. Explore clean energy sources and fuel cell technology.

Renewable Energy Experiment Kit turns water into power!

Endlessly renewable solar power is used to create hydrogen fuel from water. Students can examine and study each module in this set separately and then combine them in different ways (or with other kits) to learn the workings of a renewable energy system from start to finish.

With this experiment kit students can learn how fuel cell technology and clean energy can be applied in the future.

  • Begin with the solar photovoltaic cell, which provides power to the electrolyzer module.
  • Electrolysis separates hydrogen from distilled water.
  • Use the resulting hydrogen in the 0.3W air-breathing proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell module, which powers the mini fan module.
PEM fuel cell module works silently and without combustion. Includes storage case, user manual and experiment guide.
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Energy Monitor
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